Friday, June 7, 2013

Nail Tek II + CND Solar Oil Reviews


As I'm waiting for new polishes to arrive in the mail, I've been using Nail Tek II, which is a nail strengthener similar to OPI Nail Envy. There are a few different options when choosing a Nail Tek strengthener formula. Visit this website to see the full range of strengtheners Nail Tek offers.

In my case, as seen in the title, I chose formula II, which is an intensive therapy formula for soft, peeling nails. Usually, my nails grow to a certain length and then break/peel near the sidewall close to the end of the nail bed. I normally can't keep a square nail shape when my nails are longer because any snagging of free edge corners will result in breakages.

I don't have a "before" picture because I really wasn't planning on reviewing this product, but my results have been great so far, so I decided to post one.

The photo above shows my nails as of yesterday (6/6/13). I've been using Nail Tek for about two weeks, and my nails are noticeably stronger and even a little thicker. They're bendable under pressure, but aren't too bendy. I think this is the longest my nails have been in a long while!

I'm also using CND Solar Oil cuticle oil in addition to Nail Tek. I rubbed some on my cuticles shortly before taking these photos, and you can see my nails aren't super greasy or shiny from the oil. Solar Oil comes in a bottle similar to bottles nail polish comes in with a brush applicator.

The oil isn't really greasy and soaks in really nicely-- not too quickly or too slowly. I use Solar Oil multiple times a day, and it really helps soften my cuticles and dry skin surrounding my nails.

I definitely recommend these products to anyone who's tried OPI Nail Envy and got less than perfect results and/or has dry cuticles.

I also recommend this......

Just kidding! But seriously, isn't she the cutest? Just look at her little toes! That's my Teddy Bear hamster, Peaches :)

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

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