Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sally Hansen Insta-Gels Gel Strips Review

Hello there!

Today I have Sally Hansen Insta-Gels gel strips to show you. The particular strips I'm wearing are Take the Stage.

Basically, the Insta-Gel strips are the original salon strips with a gel topcoat. There's a little more prep to these,they take a little longer, they're more expensive, and they require a LED UV lamp.

I've done this before with the regular strips, and had basically the same outcome. I'm not really a fan of strips to begin with because I can't always get them smooth on the nail edge, and they tend to lift easily, but these were 70% off, so I went for it!

Although these strips have some flaws, this is the easiest way to wear glitter, in my opinion. They won't be sticking to your nails and will most likely come off in one strip.

I like these mainly because of the color, and because I wanted to try them! :)

Thanks for looking!

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