Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cow Nail Art!

Hi everyone!

I bring to you some cow spot nail art this morning! :)

I'm participating in a western team cattle sorting event later on in the afternoon, so I wanted to have something "cowy" on my nails for the occasion!

I began with three coats of Del Sol Candy Cane, a yellow-y tinted off-white creme that transforms into a pastel pink in the sun. I thought this would be appropriate because cows are white (only indoors in this case!), and the event will be outdoors, so I'll get to show off my color-changing nail polish! You can see swatches of this polish, as well as my three other Del Sol shades here.

The spots, as you can see, were dotted using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Heart. I used large, medium, and small dotting tools to create the spots.

Also, if you notice that sparkle over Candy Cane, it's a pretty, pink, fine glitter by Sally Hansen called Misty Rose, which was also seen here.

In the sunshiny pink version of this mani, the glitter is more noticeable. I like the effect it has on this design. Cute girly pink cows!

The gradient of color seen in the photographs is due to my use of a UV lamp to change the color. I didn't leave my fingers under the light for very long, so they changed quickly while I was photographing!

That's all for now! Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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