Thursday, January 24, 2013

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish - Swatches and Review

Hi again!

Today I have something I discovered while on a cruise to the Bahamas. In the duty free shop, as well as Nassau, Bahamas, there were these color changing nail polishes. They're made by Del Sol, and they change color when exposed to sunlight. They retail around $10.00 each, but you get 15mL, and they were on sale, buy three get one free, so I bought four.

In addition to nail polish, Del Sol has color changing, UV sensitive clothing and Disney color changing hair accessories for kids (or kids at heart)! Lots of cool fun-in-the-sun stuff!


First up is Pretty in Pink. Shown here is three coats, although I think two coats would have sufficed. It's a metallic-y white with a purplish-pink shimmer. Below is the polish after being exposed to a UV light.

There's not much of a color difference here. The UV light pretty much pulls forward the pink tones. For that reason, this is my least favorite polish. This is very easy to work with and smooth.


This is Candy Cane. This one is my second favorite out of the group. It's a solid white with a very slight pink tint that's more visible in person. This polish is the only one I had a little streaking problems with. Other than that, its great! Here I've shown four coats, although I think three would have done just as well. Below is the UV sensitive color.

This is such a pretty pink! I'm usually not fond of pink, but I do enjoy this one. Such a huge color difference here, which really makes me feel like this polish purchase was worth it!


Next is Sunkissed. It's a nude polish with a copper-y shimmer. This is very easy to apply, and I've shown three coats here, but once again I think two would have been good. I enjoy this polish, even if it is so sheer. 

The color difference here is really nice. The pink shows traces of that copper-y shimmer, and it's just so cute. 


Last, but not least, is Calypso. This is my absolute favorite. I love the bright pink and that pretty metallic finish. Like the others, this was easy to apply and really smooth. Here is three coats, although, again, two would have been fine.

This purple color is so pretty! I love this color even more than the indoor color! The color change is super drastic. Awesome.

Well, that's all I've got for today! Thanks for looking! :)

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