Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoya Slapdash - Phoebe (Matte)

Hi! I'm back!

My nails have been going through another rough patch, but I'm here anyway. Today I have Zoya Phoebe which is the only matte shade I picked up last month.

This started out thin, like the other Zoyas I bought, but it was also streaky. Luckily, it evened out and built up nicely in three coats.

I'm not really a fan of this shade of blue, but I picked it up because it was matte. For some reason, blues like this remind me of the color your skin/nails turn due to lack of oxygen. My nana was a nurse, and always told me I looked like I couldn't breathe when I wore colors like this, so that's probably where I get that from!

Regardless, I like the matte sheen this polish has and I do like the color, but I don't think it goes with my skin tone very well.

Below you can see how this polish looks with one coat of Out the Door fast dry topcoat.

In person, this polish seemed to darken up a bit with the topcoat, but you can still see that pretty sheen, although it was more noticeable in the matte version.

That's all for today! What do you think of Phoebe? :)

P.S. My nails are false here (and the next few posts) :O
Could you tell? :P

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