Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zoya Slapdash - Storm


Today I have the last Zoya polish from my very own Slapdash collection! This group of polishes have taken much longer than I had hoped to swatch, but they're all present and accounted for now! :)

My finger nails are still really short and I'm trying to keep only strengthening polishes on them at this point, so you'll see my toes today. Don't mind they're chubbiness, ha.

 Of course, I'm wearing the infamous Zoya Storm.

Storm has lots of multi-colored glitters in a black base. The formula was comparable to the other Zoya polishes I've swatched, and I'm wearing two coats. The above picture was taken without flash, in indirect sunlight.

This picture above was taken with flash outside, in indirect sunlight, as was the photo below.

I've seen swatches of this polish on other blogs, and I've wanted to get my hands on this shade for a while. I'm really glad I did! The sparkles are so pretty and make this polish so versatile, it can be worn with anything.

This concludes my Zoya Slapdash Collection! Thanks for sticking around! :)

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