Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pretty Woman Velvet Flocking Powder Kit Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to show you my first fuzzy manicure! I picked up a kit at Rite Aid during this past week for $7.99, that contains a brush, nail polish, and "velvet" powder, which is basically flocking powder. Let's get started!

This is the outside of the package.

These are the directions and contents of the package. I followed the directions almost exactly. The only thing I did differently was I applied one coat of the polish to all of my nails at once. Then I applied a second coat to one nail at a time, immediately applying the powder and resuming the directions.

This is the polish. It's a sheer turquoise shimmer. This is only one coat. It was actually a nice, smooth polish to work with.

This is the finished product. I really enjoyed wearing this, but I did do some research on flocking powder, and for around $8 on amazon, you can buy a set of 12 powders in different colors. So, the value on this kit wasn't good at all. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how ripped off I was until afterwards.

For some reason, my thumb was the hardest nail to do. It doesn't look so bad in the picture though.

On the left side of my thumb was a bare spot, so I added a little bit more of the polish to that area and powdered it the same way I had before. After I brushed away the extra powder, I was left with a darker spot, wishing I had just left that nail the way it was. Like I said, this was my first time doing this, so maybe I should have used a dab of topcoat instead.

And lastly, my right hand is making an appearance this afternoon. I was able to stay mostly consistent on all of my nails, which was good.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this product. I think it was a good introduction to the world of flocking powder, but not really for the price. I'd much rather spend basically the same amount of money and get more powder, rather than getting a brush and polish. As I'm sure all of you do as well, I have tons of polish as it is, so I didn't need the included bottle. And, an old makeup brush could work well for removing the excess powder.

I definitely recommend trying this technique/style, but be sure to research prices and reviews and stuff. Don't make my mistake! Haha. Well, I hope this has helped anyone who's wanted to try this as bad as I have, and have fun with it!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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