Friday, February 22, 2013

Wet 'N' Wild Fergie It's Gonna Be a Good Night Swatch and Review

Hey there!

Today I have a recent polish purchase to show you. I picked up Wet 'N' Wild by Fergie It's Gonna Be a Good Night at the beginning of the week, as well as some other cool things I wanted to try that you'll be seeing soon! Let's get started!

When I bought this, I was under the impression it was black and silver/gold glitters in a black jelly-like base. But, it has a very faint grey base (not jelly-like at all) plus those black and silver/gold hex glitters. The photo above shows only one coat. The glitters do not apply evenly, as you can see, and the formula is very thin.

This photo shows some more glitter that I dabbed in the bare spots. I really should have used this as a glitter topper, but thinking it had a black base, I didn't. I'll try have to try this polish again in the future as a glitter topper on maybe a grey or white base color.

This is the polish with one more coat, applied just like regular polish... no dabbing. I figured since I wasn't using a base color, I should try to darken up the faint grey base in the polish itself.

And just for fun, I applied one coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy on top. I like it much better like this!

All in all, I like this polish. It wasn't as horrible as my last Fergie purchase, seen here. That's all for today! Thanks for looking! :) Check back for some other cool purchases I've made this week!

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