Sunday, February 10, 2013

Western Skittle Nail Art!


I have my very first skittle nail design to show to you today! This is also my entry for Sincerely Stephanie's skittle nail art contest! Wish me luck! And good luck, if you've entered!

Okay, so my mani has a western theme going on. I'm going to a weekly cattle drive today, so I wanted my nails to fit the occasion.

On my thumb, ring finger, and pinky I have Rimmel Mintilicious, and on my pointer and middle fingers I have OPI You Don't Know Jacques! My thumb has Pure Ice Oh Baby! over Mintilicious for added shimmer. My pinky has Pure Ice Stop Flirtin' over Mintilicious. The gold dots are Wet 'N' Wild Fast Dry The Gold & the Beautiful. The silver striping has no name. The black dots on my horseshoe on my ring finger were done with Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Black Heart.

My inspiration was of course, my horse and the cattle drive, but I wanted to give a more sparkly, showy feel to this design. I put a lot of thought into this mani, and I'm really happy with my results!

For my thumb and middle finger design I was going for a more tribal or Native American look. My pointer was modeled after some glitz that could be on a saddle or bridle, and of course my ring finger showcases the horseshoe. My pinky is just some added bling to complete the manicure.

And some right-hand action to complete this post! Yay for replication!

Thanks for looking! :)

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