Friday, March 8, 2013

Gelous Gel Nail Polish Review

Hi again!

As mentioned yesterday, I used Gelous a couple times, so I'm going to review and comment on my experiences using the gel nail polish. Here we go!

The first time I used this gel nail polish, I followed this tutorial. I found that my nails were thicker and harder with this gel polish. My nails felt stronger than with just regular nail polish on. I rarely wear a manicure for more than a day or two, so I can't judge on longevity of a manicure, but I definitely felt a difference in strength using this.

For my drippy nails, I just used Gelous as a base and top coat. I didn't rough up my nails at all before applying two coats of Gelous, then four coats of my base color. After applying my drips to all of my nails and allowed them to dry, I used two coats of Out the Door then one coat of Gelous. My nails didn't feel as strong (but they were thick because of the drips and all those other layers of polish) that time around. I think layering the gel polish with regular polish really helps build up the strength and hardness. The two coats at the very beginning didn't seem to lay a strong enough foundation. Also, my nails were prone to dings when Gelous was applied as a top coat.

Overall, I like this gel polish. It dries pretty quickly, and you don't have to cure it with a UV lamp. It's very shiny and smooth to the touch. It definitely helped smooth my bumpy drips out.

You can see some smearing here and there, but I grew very impatient waiting for my drips to dry! I'm very happy with this product and totally recommend it! It's super easy to work with, doesn't get bubbles, and isn't insanely thick. It's actually not thick at all, which is nice.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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