Friday, March 15, 2013

Jelly Sandwich!


Today I have my very first jelly sandwich to show you! A jelly sandwich, to my knowledge, is simply a layering of sheer polishes with glitter polishes. Let's get to it!

I began with one coat of OPI Step Right Up!, and layered on one coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Rock Candy (the subtle, tiny glitters), and then dabbed/placed on the big glitter shards using Revlon Nail Art Duo Milky Way. I topped all that off with one more coat of OPI Step Right Up!, then a coat of Sally Hansen Rock Candy, and one coat of INM Out the Door fast-dry topcoat.

Milky Way is extremely goopy and horrible, but I wanted to incorporate large silver glitters. These glitters don't lie flat... one actually poked a hole through the other layers of polish on my right hand! Without Step Right Up! to dull them down, the Revlon glitter shards are very sparkly and kind of holographic. (The glitter in Rock Candy is also a bit holographic). I actually almost hate the glitter end of Milky Way, but I think that holo effect is a nice addition to this manicure.

I like the outcome of this experiment when it comes to color, but this is an insanely thick manicure, so it'll probably peel right off later in the day. My nails are thick, lumpy, and bumpy, so I'll have to acquire a better silver glitter that actually makes it onto the nail when it's brushed on, to fix that!

That's all for today! Thanks for looking! :)

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